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Pre-recorded vs Live Online Sessions : Perspective of a Student

During lockdown, and categorically termed as a period of uncertainty, the Internet started to show its importance in ways we students had ignored before. In the month of April, reading articles about Marketing was only to learn how the experts are uncertain of how to market their products and how the market is going to send a chilling note down the spine.

But fortunately, on reading the Marketing Experts and viewing their expressions on how Digital Marketing is going to change the scenario of marketing, gave me new hope and a path to work on. But how do I learn Digital Marketing? I mean everything around is closed; how do I join a class? C’mon, who am I kidding? We live in the world of modern technology and getting any knowledge is now available on the tip of our finger. 

The first learning tool I turned to was the YouTube. The advantage of which, is that you just sit in front of the screen with an internet connection and listen to the expert with a focused mind. FOCUSED MIND??? (pause) Anyways thanks to the short videos on YouTube and sorry to the long videos which I don’t click on.

Online courses have been in existence for a very long time but during the lockdown, it has received a different boost all-together. Many training institutions started re-working on their marketing campaigns and giving discounts like never before. 

One major drawback that came with these online courses was the pre-recorded content, which was probably done a year or two back. As I was trying out for Digital Marketing, the tools they demonstrated their features seemed to be outdated and YouTube too didn’t seem much of a help, because the digital marketing tools keep changing every few months.

A month passed since the lockdown and our University instructed the Professors to take up online classes to move ahead along with the time. Google classrooms, Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco Webex became our new Lecture Halls. It was all new to us, but the learning machine within us made it pretty easy to grasp them and quickly adapt to it on need basis. 

But the truth remains, that virtual classrooms can never replace the physical classrooms. And in a pandemic like this, and thinking of having an experience of our favourite physical classes is like calling the misfortune on us. But the least that can be done is have an interactive platform for learning.

There are some institutions that along with pre-recorded classes provide assignments to make it more effective. But the fact is having conversations make any classroom interesting and effective, be it Virtual or Physical. 

Apart from the virtual classrooms of the academic subjects, I happen to come across a Digital Marketing Course (as I was looking for one) that provides live sessions (as in the classes are not in a pre-recorded format) and it is quite similar to the physical classroom in terms of interaction. In other words, the trainer teaches while we are present in the digital room via a software. What’s more? We can ask the trainer any questions regarding the topic there and then. And I was happy about hearing it as this is what I was longing for.

Moreover, the main motive for me to take up this live session course was that I could finally get to learn the Digital Marketing tools updated as of today and not an outdated one. Hurray! Trust me that was a different kind of joy. Because seeing the outdated features in the pre-recorded sessions made me lose my interest in the area of study I wished to get skilled. 

We all know how Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc has been upgrading every few months for Privacy Policy purpose or for Business platform. From this pattern, you can only imagine how tools like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising features and many more such tools and techniques have been upgrading very often to maintain the competition in the market and that is why it is important to learn those upgraded versions.

With internet exploring the way of marketing on digital platforms such as the Search engines, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, the E-Commerce platform is changing drastically that what seems new feature today might become old the next month and learning this from pre-recorded videos of years back is only a waste of time. 

In these past few months, I finally came across an Institution that provided me a Digital Marketing Course helped me learn Digital Marketing techniques and tools of the current days. It also gave me a platform where I can personally contact the Trainer for any related quires and revisit the classes to practice what is taught.

Attending this course still felt better than the pre-recorded online courses I had attended before. Why? Because there was some conversation from both ends! Finally, there was a platform for online classes where the students could contribute to the class. There was nothing more I could ask for.

But every Coin has two sides and unfortunately, the Concept of Live Class comes with few drawbacks as well. Let’s be honest when we are at home attending such live classes is not an easy task due to the unavoidable responsibility arriving at any time. And my bad, sometimes I would miss out on the conversations and the worst was when I would ask for a doubt and right at that moment, I was required to leave the class due to the “Chores”.

Well, that’s another thing but there was one thing that I most enjoyed about the Pre-recorded classes was that I was the master of my time. I could log in anytime and anywhere and go through the courses. I could even pause the video and rewind. 

It’s funny how we humans are blessed with all the proficiencies and yet how ignorant we are sometimes to be grateful for these resources. Let’s utilise the time and resources readily available at our end, as we never know the new learning can be a potential life changer.

Digital Marketing Training, Course in Belagavi

New Age Philosophy: Good, Fast and Cheap…!!!

My recent visit to a place by named Chikli, just about 50 kilometers from Belgaum turns out to be a life changing experience.  A stone compounded area spreading into a couple of acres, completely built by humans with no machines or technology used whatsoever. And the compound took 6 months for around 2 dozen men to come into a shape. And the place is called GOKULDHAM – built, maintained and certainly expanding (without electricity or any modern gadget) by ISKCON. (I am not promoting this organization in any manner as I am not at all a part of it in any way).

I certainly feel I am lucky to have visited this place for the last 2 days along with my students (and they are definitely more lucky) to personally experience how human habitat can survive with the most basic amenities of life and still be happy and contented. Beautiful houses built with mud or guchha (manufactured in-house and lasts much much longer than the 66 grade cement) and with teak or sesame wood beautifying the windows and ceiling.

The biggest learning was certainly the acceptance of the things available around us today and possibly in the days to come. We are all in the race of creating things which are good, cheap and fast. But the school of thought over this place says, things which are actually needed by human’s and practically useful and sustainable can fulfill only and only any TWO of the following three criterias at any given point of time, And they are:

  1. Good
  2. Cheap and
  3. Fast

And any product which claims to fulfill all three are those which are short lived and would not essentially be required by us.

I was amazed and surprised to understand the value of things I use or wish to use in the context of what was being told to me. Though I am writing this piece of blog on my pad, but I also understand this pad does not fulfill the criteria I just talked about. Simply because, this is going to be obsolete in front of the new technologies which are going to crop up in few weeks or months. So the biggest question is what can possibly fulfill all the three criteria’s ?? And we are taken back to that age where none of the technologies exist and the things available then were the ones which stood strong to fulfill all the three criteria.

The things which carry the immense intrinsic value and holds for a long time are those which are available easily around us and are those which are gifted by our mother nature. And it is our inbound duty to understand this and give back to our nature by preserving it and enriching the value of it.

I am convinced of the material things having a short life span, but at the same time I am also happy to know the value of things which are essential and available at a much cheaper cost then gizmos and gadgets.

And every individual contributing his small part towards maintaining the sanctity of our Mother Nature, is all that is required and is definitely the need of the hour.

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Career Avenues for Commerce Graduates

A commerce graduate can certainly opt to continue his/her post graduation in commerce studies or can also explore the various professional courses available. With career options multiplying like never before, it is essential for every student to understand the needs of the industry and also the demand of new professional courses available around us. The summer season is undoubtedly hot (nature per-se) but also for graduating students who are in the process of deciding a profession for their life through the various post graduation courses/programs available around them. And needless to say, it is essential for the students to know the options available across various domains in order to make an informed decision, and to make the best out of option made for themselves. The following information makes us understand various options available for commerce graduates, as to the options available for professional courses around us:

Management Courses

Lets us start the options with the broad spectrum of management studies available to students after graduation. And no prizes for guessing the most sorted management degree – MBA. But off late, the same has been packaged with various options then the standard specializations viz. Marketing & Sales, Finance, Human Resource Management and Productions & Operations. Today, students can opt for the same post graduate program in domains like Finance, Banking, Retail, Hotel Management, Event Management, etc. The said options are available from various universities and also from private institutes, spanning into duration of six months to two years. It would not be wrong to mention that these courses are here to stay, as they offer a challenging and affluent career. Though, the student needs to understand the career path available with each of these domains and also what the course demands from the student. Since, these courses have their prominence in specific area and needs a detailed understanding by a student before he/she opts for the same.


Professional courses like these can be seen as a dream careers for many commerce students over a period of time. Though these courses need an extreme dedication and demands a lot of time, but at the same time these courses have been and will be in great demand by the corporate as well as public sector undertakings. The preparation for these courses need to be started well during the course of graduation and proves to be a strong ground work for the successful completion of them over a period of time. An individual can also render his expertise in these domains as consultants across various industries or also have a group of same professionals and offer their service.

Journalism, Mass Communication, Public Relations, Event Management & Advertising

With an increase in media houses and their importance in day today’s business activities, there has been a need for professional education in these areas. A majority of courses on these areas are provided by institutes run by corporate houses and less by university recognized institutes. Since, these courses have been introduced looking at the need of the growing industry, the same have been offered by them in a customized way. We would find good number of institutes across various big cities offering these courses and also providing an enriching career. Though these courses are offered over a span of two years (like a full time post graduate degree) by a few, but majority of them are either part time or short term courses spanning over six months to one year.

Hotel Management

Apart from offering a specialization in Hotel Management in MBA, we can find professional courses in this domain spanning over a period of two years or more also. Students interested in making a career in hotel industry can think of taking up this course from many professional institutes spread across the country. With a boom in the hospitality industry, the demand for professionals in this sector and a professional course in this domain ensures a successful career for a student.

Career over Higher Studies:

Having seen the various professional courses available after graduation, the student can choose to take a break of a year or two before going for the post graduation program. There are certainly various job opportunities available with banking (private and public) sector, government agencies, private companies, etc to name a few. In a few areas of management studies, it would be recommended for a student to have a work experience in the same area where he/she wish to take up the professional course. The same would be beneficial for a student to understand the practical aspect of the basics of the industry before entering the arena of professional studies.

I would like to end the article with the career option which is indeed the most respected and self enriching for any individual. Entrepreneurship is a career option which is indeed the need of the hour as it helps in generating employment for others and gets the best out of any individual. Though this is the most challenging and nerve crunching option that an individual can make, but it is also true that other professional courses are no less and demands a lot from every individual.


Hirani-Abhijat-Aamir: PK hai kya ??

An alien-estic view on the traditions and values followed on earth, especially INDIA (I wonder what would the movie look like if PK had landed in Uganda or Beijing) is well taken and applaud the effort in giving a message loud and clear. Undoubtedly, you are giving a tough competition to the biggest showman of previous generation (RK vs PK) as you guys know how to put ahead your point convincingly and in an entertaining manner. Be it the message of medical education (in Munnabhai) or engineering education (in 3 idiots) or religious education (in PK) you have been giving a strong message to us and definitely in a blunt and sophisticated way.

But, PK has not gone through my nerves quite easily as the previous hard hitting movies. Blame it on the prodigious critic ratings or the standards you have been raising with your previous movies. I had set my mind to watch another eye opener. And, yes it did open my eyes to raise these doubts.

Firstly, I think there are a lot of messages you are conveying in your 150 minutes saga of unrealistic religious followings across all the strata’s of society. It was quite a clutter in my mind, when I try to figure out the alien-estic view of us plus the love story of a hindu with a muslim plus baba’s making money out of foolish Indians plus knowing the trademark of the almighty on humans of different caste and creed plus the terrorist attack and so on and so forth. I would have been more convinced to see one or rather two issues being addressed in such a short span, which would have been more convincing and matured.

Secondly, taking a dig on the blind beliefs is essentially a gutsy thing in today’s time (as one of your own characters in the movie says it all: play with anything in this county, but not with religions or the beliefs) but what is more essential to know is what’s the alternate available. Rather than showing the blind beliefs across all sections of society for almost 90% of the movie time, I would be more happy and encouraged to see more time being spent on to know the alternates available for the present world and not just a climax scene running for 10 to 15 minutes trying to prove the metal or providing an alternate to a mighty set of beliefs.

Thirdly and lastly, the beliefs and rituals being followed are across many sections of INDIA then why the movie portrays one particular individual, belonging to a specific caste being questioned or asked for justification ? Does it mean, only one religion has blind belief and others do not ?  Does only one religion’s beliefs are not needed in the society today ? Does only one religion teaches to follow all the rituals ? And is only one specific religion responsible for all the blind faiths and customs being followed across the nation ? As it would have been more apt to question all the ones, making us follow specific rules and regulations on the name of the almighty.

I definitely understand and respect the time and sincerity put in making a movie at this scale, but as an individual I look at your movies to be an eye opener whose messages have far reaching implications to its audience.  You indeed have been extremely bold and courageous to bring forth such topics in mainstream cinema, but a few need a little bit of extra care and concern before getting it in front.

Sincerely, a true fan of Hirani-Abhijat-Aamir

Disclaimer: I don’t intend to hurt the sentiments or beliefs of anybody in specific but as human being I wish to see all being labeled equally and be treated the same, as what matters at the end is we all are the creations of one force, which just has different names given by us.


Graduation, done…!! What Next?

Amidst the fast changing economic framework, the education and the employment market is offering a host of options like never before. But the same also get a series of questions to those who have completed their graduation and pondering upon the choices available. And one of the major question I have constantly being asked upon is to make that golden choice between Post Graduation vs. Job. 
Certainly there is no universal answer to this question, which suits every individual. But one can certainly think of the available options and then make an informed decision to pick the most desirous and beneficial option.

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Job vs. Post Graduation ?
This is certainly a question that is thought over by every other graduate and I am sure it would also be a concern for parents too. Being a person from the corporate background, I have come across various post graduate students (especially MBA) who have picked a PG Course because his/her friend had opted for the same. And unfortunately the same PG student got landed into a job which would be picked by any graduate too. It is quite important to know the need of a PG Course in the present job market and how that would help an individual to make a better career move. Ideally a year or two into job would make a lot of things clear to an individual to make a choice of PG (and also the area of specialization)
There are certainly a host of competitive examinations available today, which are offering the best for the best brains across various departments / corporate verticals. But as said and done, they are competitive in nature and test the best into your competitive ability to stand out in the crowd and make a mark for yourself.  With wide array of changes in the business / economic scenario, the need for fresh graduates (especially commerce) is on a biggest growth sphere. And certainly graduates are considered to be the best pick for delivering the results.
A post graduation enables you to grasp a lot of new things and also provides an opportunity to unlearn a lot of things in the area of your interest. But the same comes at a cost (not just monetary) which is 2-3 years of your valuable time. There is certainly no second thought, a rich work experience of 2-3 years in place of a post graduation course ignites a lot amongst the individual and who can make a much better decision for his/her own career.
Best Corporate Training, College Training, Recruitment Company based in Belagavi

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The article is being kept short, in order to make things clear at a basic level of making a choice between starting a career or picking a PG Course. There are a host of options available at PG level today for Arts, Commerce and Science graduates to pick from. And each stream has its own set of opportunities to offer and an individual can certainly make wonders in any stream that is being chosen. It would be unfair to rank the streams on silly questions like; science is better than commerce ?  commerce gives an edge over arts ? Each and every stream has its own set of opportunities and challenges. It’s the amount of effort an individual would like to put and make the decision worthwhile in the long run.